City council postpones discussion of parking ticket policy

A proposed parking policy change to not ticket people who show up to move their vehicle while the ticket is being written that was set to be discussed at Tuesday’s Berkeley City Council meeting was taken off the agenda.

Councilmember Kriss Worthington — who, along with Councilmember Max Anderson, had originally submitted the proposal — postponed talking about the item Tuesday due to “new questions and issues that have been raised” that he said need to be considered.

Berkeley resident Gil Ferrey spoke at the meeting in support of the policy proposal, referring to previous situations in which he had received parking citations even while in the process of adding money to the parking meter.

However, Gladys Gray, a parking enforcement officer for Berkeley, said at the meeting that while Worthington’s proposal is not without good intentions, it could “open the door for those individuals who work the system.”

Gray asked City Council to reconsider the item because it would interfere with the job of parking enforcement officers in more bad ways than good. She said she has seen people only add money to the meters when they see an officer approaching and that this could encourage that behavior.

“They run outside when they see us show up,” she said.

Annie Sciacca covers city government.