Ducky: The Whether

Ducky’s latest four-track EP The Whether, swirls ethereal synth vocals around popping electro-pop beats. The album’s cover art — depicting a computer-generated woman wrapped in fur and free-floating hair (a la “Zelda”) with a bionic arm and opaque, white demonic eyes — encapsulates the album’s juxtaposition of bubble-gum beats and foreboding lyrics.

Case in point, “I Want to Die,” where Ducky splices in this morbid mantra in between her drones. Her vocals make abrupt shifts over dubstep beats as if scratching a record —  undoubtedly influenced by her early days as a DJ in San Francisco.

Ducky is not the typical wanna-be subversive electro-pop princess. There is grit to her lyrics and an undercurrent of mystery and maturity to her words that draws listeners in. Check out her latest music video “Like Rain,” where she croons sweetly while sprawled in a bathtub, pulls an apple from her shirt and eats it, followed by blips of her stabbing herself.

Her strongest song, “Overdose,” exudes her bizarreness, beginning with a simple guitar riff, layered with crackling noises reminiscent of breaking plates. Cut to the chorus where her quick-changing “Ah-Ahhhs” sound like she is breathing into a synthesizer, adding a unique seductiveness. The listener is further confused as Ducky sings in a high-pitched, jovial tone, “I like the way you told me to stay / Told me to leave the blood on my face.”

The album is short, barely breaking twelve minutes, but each track is intricately layered, merging sugary and seductive vocals with grotesque phrases that will tantalize and repulse you.