Tyga: Careless World – Rise of the Last King

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Tyga is the newest in a line of mainstream rap artists of Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (YMCMB) fame, and his latest album, Careless World: Rise of the Last King, is just as hackneyed and unnecessarily hedonistic as anything the label has ever put out. Don’t get me wrong — sometimes, the whole bathing-in-a-pool-of-cash route works and doesn’t come off as tacky.  But Tyga is no Jay-Z, nor is he Kanye, and Careless World doesn’t have half the originality and expansiveness of an album like Watch the Throne.

You probably know Tyga from his criminally catchy single, “Rack City,” which boasts, among other things, an impressively minimal array of lyrics. The infectious quality of this song, though, is perhaps more due to the insanely dance-able back track than to Tyga’s rap skills, which are, at best, average.

Even with a  few big-name collaborations (Nas, Busta Rhymes and Pharrell, among others), nothing can pull this pedestrian album out of the water. The album’s production value is evident in the Young Money backing and the sheer number of guest artists, but originality is still lacking. Not even Busta’s brief appearance on “Potty Mouth” can save the track, which doesn’t unleash his fast-rhyming skills until the end. Until then, we’re left to squirm through Tyga’s jerky flow and the song’s mechanical hook.

The album’s interludes are a weak attempt to add a bit of poginancy and depth, but they fall flat. Tyga doesn’t have Drake’s moody tortured-artist quality, but you can see that he desperately wishes he did, which is especially evident in “Echoes Interlude,” a short and disposable track with lyrics like, “At this point, I realize love is not an emotion I can neglect.” Unfortunately, emotion itself is something that Tyga can’t seem to conjure up.