Chris Brown and Rihanna Reconcile through Remixes

Chris Polk/FilmMagic/Getty/Courtesy

Whether as a sign of truce or just to create some buzz, Chris Brown and Rihanna released two remixes featuring each other this past weekend. It’s hard to forget the Grammys night three years ago when it got out that Chris Brown was assaulting Rihanna, his girlfriend at the time. Pictures were released, the public shunned Chris Brown, and he pleaded guilty to the charges.

So why would either of them collaborate with the one person that created one of the most difficult times in their lives?

In this case, I’m not sure that any press is good press for Chris Brown. He barely has edged his way back into acceptance again (whether he deserves it or not). To have a verse on Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake,” and for her to be featured on his “Turn Up The Music,” only brings up confusion about their relationship. In the remix of “Birthday Cake,” Brown sings, “Girl I wanna fuck you right now/Been a long time,” and Rihanna a verse later, “If you still wanna kiss it/Come, come and get it.” Of course taking the words too seriously may be reading too much into it, since they are not pour-your-heart-out ballads, but words still have some meaning.

It’s not clear whose idea it was to do this collaboration, but Rihanna is clearly the superior artist. “Birthday Cake” is the remix getting the most hype and the most downloads. It’s a solid dance track that is still memorable, but “Turn Up The Music,” is just another self-proclaimed club-anthem that sounds familiar yet not worth buying. One can’t help but be satisfied for Rihanna and her talent, and feel that Brown is the one privileged to be featured in her song, not the other way around.