Wisconsin names 12/12/12 “Aaron Rodgers Day”

Elvis Kennedy/Creative Commons/Courtesy

You’d think winning a Super Bowl two seasons after being named your team’s de facto QB would constitute the height of glory.

Or getting your hands on that rodeo-worthy MVP belt.

Or even seeing yourself on a Wheaties box and in a State Farm TV stint all in the course of one morning.

Green Bay Packers quarterback and Cal alum Aaron Rodgers already has all that. But as it turns out, all those accomplishments were mere stepping stones when compared to the latest Rodgers appreciation effort: This past week, the Wisconsin state assembly unanimously passed a resolution to honor No. 12 on 12/12/2012.

That’s right. The same state that still had designated smoking sections in restaurants until July 2010 was able to speedily pass legislation to commemorate the leader of the Pack in a day of undisclosed festivities.

A woman Jennifer Brilowski is the mastermind behind the scheme. The Steven Points, Wis., resident started a Facebook page titled, “Let’s Make 12/12/12 Aaron Rodgers Day.”

Such an efficient use of 21st century media worked like a charm, even though Brilowski never contacted a Wisconsin state official about it.

Not being much of a Facebook fanatic himself (Rodgers prefers to waste idle time tweeting), Rodgers was unaware of the mission at first. However, the Dairyland hero seems excited, saying that “We’d better have a big party.”

However, as a Cal alum Rodgers isn’t one to overlook ancient academia — in this case, those pesky Mayan predictions about the end of the world.

“Have they checked with the Mayan calendar?” he asked in a local interview. “Are we still going to be around at that point?”

For you, Aaron, I suppose Wisconsin can find a way.