Fashion Fridays: First edition

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FEBRUARY 24, 2012

Welcome to the first in a series of the Daily Cal’s Fashion Fridays, where your intrepid, handsome, intelligent (and single) fashion photographers will bring you samples of the best street style Berkeley has to offer. Check in every Friday for more shots of your very own UC Berkeley students who are raising the bar of local fashion.

Tweed on tweed. Does much else need to be said?

Check out how the festive trim on his sweater matches his American Flag cap.

Gold accents (his watch and bracelet, her earrings and shoes) and the casually rolled acid wash denim.

Sleeveless plaid that actually works, slicked back hair (samurai bun not pictured), the worn, raw denim.

The stripes, the dots, the button down skirt. Librarian chic for a post-modern age.

A simple look (white shirt, blue jeans, brown shoes) really comes alive with her purple socks.

Layered cardigans over shirt and tie along with loose pinstripes pants bring a casual fit to a classic look.

Bold color combinations bundled up in a tied hoodie.

 Everything done right. Take notes.

Can you pull off a kilt?

 Photos: Dylan White/Daniel Means/Staff

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MARCH 04, 2012