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Fashion Week Wackiness

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FEBRUARY 24, 2012

It’s fashion week season again, and in New York, Milan, London and Paris, designers are showing their new collections for 2012. Although high fashion, especially couture, often has a reputation for bordering ridiculous, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little. So, instead of drooling over the pieces that everyone is drawn to immediately, here is my appreciation for the wackier pieces that I think garner at least some attention, if not appreciation.

Marc Jacobs

Marcus Tondo/GoRunway.com/Courtesy

At first I wasn’t sure whether to laugh out of disgust or amusement at these hats that look like those outrageous hats you make out of paper grocery bags as a craft. They were one of the most talked about pieces of New York Fashion Week, and along with the bedazzled pilgrim shoes, the looks were off-putting at first. But we will all remember those hats, and sometimes we dislike eccentricity simply because of its novelty. Marc Jacobs still is at the forefront of fashion, and for a reason.

Proenza Schouler

Seth Wenig/AP/Courtesy

Proenza Schouler rocks it with these high-top heels that remind me of a hand-me-down binder I had in 4th grade.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Yannis Vlamos/GoRunway.com/Courtesy

Somehow these hat/veils make up for not wearing pants, which sounds awesome to me. These veils turn out to be very diverse and span from the baby-doll pretty to the blood-sucking creepy.

Alexis Mabille
Alessandro Viero/GoRunway.com/Courtesy

These towering flowers the models’ heads were what really made me like this designer, more than the actual clothes. Each model seemed to have their own color flower that matched their monochromatic outfit, and some even had their faces painted the same color. Looking like a walking flower is both hilarious and beautiful at the same time, but the only thing I am wondering is how sore the models’ necks were the next day.

Meadham Kirchhoff

Haifa Wohlers Olsen/Courtesy

Here, the model at Meadham Kirchhoff’s show has a sparkly mermaid bra peaking out from under a prairie girl blouse and an orange plaid vest. And yet it doesn’t look as hideous as it sounds. I really love the makeup and the badass lightning-bolt eyebrow, and the overall punkish-cupcake look of both this girl and the entire collection.

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FEBRUARY 24, 2012