ASUC Senate passes bill supporting buses for March 5 protest in Sacramento

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The ASUC Senate moved to suspend its bylaws Wednesday night in order to fund a bus to transport students to the March 5 Day of Action in Sacramento.

A senate bill to support the March 1 and March 5 Days of Action — which will involve protests against budget cuts and tuition increases — was passed at Wednesday’s senate meeting. The bill provided $868 to fund a bus that will shuttle students to Sacramento on March 5, and stated that the ASUC will use its community support, resources and channels of communication to endorse the planned protests.

Campus administrators will fund two to three additional buses. ASUC External Affairs Vice President Joey Freeman said about 110 students have signed up for the buses so far.

The bill was introduced at Wednesday’s meeting, and ordinarily would have to go through committee for approval before returning to the senate floor next week, at the earliest, for a vote. However, due to the time-sensitive nature of the bill — the Sacramento protest begins Monday — author of the bill, Cooperative Movement Senator Elliot Goldstein, called for the senate to suspend its bylaws.

The senate took similar action earlier this month to support student protest when it voted Feb. 7 to fund a bus to send students to a Feb. 13 Day of Action. The protest expressed support for overturning Proposition 209, a 1996 bill that prohibits affirmative action in admissions to public institutions.

That bill led to a senate floor discussion by students both for and against the funding of the buses and the question of whether the senate’s decision to support the protest aligned with the views of the campus community.

Chloe Hunt is the lead student government reporter.