Sproul Concerts: Then and Now


Besides being a sunny place to hang out between classes, Lower Sproul is also a sometimes-stage for some pretty cool musical acts and has been for a long time. Since 1964, SUPERB (Student Union Program, Entertainment, and Recreation Board) has been hosting concerts, movie screenings, games, and trivia nights for the Cal community.

Here, we take a look back at one of many notable Sproul concerts. In this video, the good-humored post-hardcore band Fugazi ask their cheering Sproul fans on a sunny April day in 1993, “What’re you all doing here? You wanna rock? There’s no fucking way you’re gonna rock today sir, there’s not a chance of it.” Some beautiful soul saved the footage of that Sproul concert (check out the size of that crowd!) and posted what I imagine is the whole set for us to enjoy. It’s like opening a time capsule and getting punched flush in the nose by a fist of punk.

Here’s the first song of the set, “Joe #1,” off Fugazi’s first studio album Repeater + 3 Songs.

You’re probably tearing up from that performance (I know, punk punches can sting). Though Fugazi might not be playing on Sproul any time soon, SUPERB still puts on some superb (I had to say it!) concerts. Check out their Spring 2012 line-up, and don’t miss out on the !!! (pronounced chk chk chk) and Thee Oh Sees concert. See you on Lower Sproul Friday at 10 pm!