Sample Sunday’s: Whut? Thee Superman Lover’s

Shout Factory (left)/Def Jam (right)/Courtesy

What up y’all? It’s Sunday and it’s sample time. So it should come as no surprise that I’m feeling especially funky. And there is really only one thing to do when the funk hits you — play some!

Now, where to go when searching for the funk? That’s one hell of a question. But if you look around, you’ll find the funk just about everywhere — under your arms, in your hamper, in the bathroom, in your underwear, on the guy next to you on the bus, on the dude in front of you in class. You can’t escape the funk, people. But since that’s not exactly the particular brand of funk that I’m talking about, I’ll tell y’all where I like to go for the funk and how I get there. I take my iPod, turn it on, pop in my headphones and scroll down until I hit a true funk master: Johnny “Guitar” Watson.

In the interest of space (and to save you from my incessant jive-ass babbling) here is the link to Watson’s bio.

So, which song have you chosen for the sample? I’m glad you asked, James. (No telling where this third-person stuff is going to lead; Probably, most definitely, to even more funk). Is it the slammin’ “A Real Mother For Ya?” Is it “Ain’t That a Bitch?” Or maybe it’s the slow and sexy-ass “I Want To Ta-Ta You Baby.” Well, those are definitely some hits. But the song I’ve chosen from this man who carried out the “Funk Beyond The Call of Duty” is none other than what should be the theme song for every pimp, player, and funk doctor (hint?) out there:

Johnny “Guitar” Watson – Superman Lover

(I don’t know about y’all, but I feel stronger than a locomotive, I can leap tall buildings, I’m faster than a speeding bullet, and I have x-ray vision every time I listen to this song. I wonder if this is a medical phenomenon that has been written about in a medical journal somewhere. Probably not. They should really run some tests though — I think the funk gives you super powers).

“Superman Lover” comes off of Watson’s Gold 1976 album Ain’t That a Bitch. At only seven tracks, this album is all killer and no filler. All funk and no junk. And if you don’t dig that mess then you came to the wrong (web) address. This album will put more dips in your hips, more cut in your strut and more glide in your stride. And if you don’t dig THAT then you got a hole in your soul! I highly recommend (as I always do) picking up a copy of this album wherever you can. And if you want even more funk, grab The Funk Anthology, which has two full discs of Mr. Watson’s superhuman funktastic jams.

And now, without further adieu, here is the hip-hop track that sampled this Watson classic:

Redman – “A Day of Sooperman Lover”

(Damn if this isn’t how you freak the funk).

That’s right muthasuckas, it’s Reggie Noble aka Funk Docta aka Funk Doc aka Redman — one of the most slept-on rappers of all-time. I’ll put that on my iPod, which may or may not be more valuable to me than everything I own (it enables me to bring the funk everywhere while still showering on a semi-regular basis).

Redman burst on the scene with his appearance on EPMD’s ill Business As Usual (1990) and had the world itching for more from the Jersey rhymer. He gave those people exactly what they were looking for when he dropped the Gold Whut? Thee Album in 1992. This album is a lesson in funk-sampling (thank you again Mr. Sermon and thank you for your recent mixtape) and hardcore rhyming, from “Time 4 Sum Aksion” to “Watch Yo Nuggets” to the best instructional hip-hop song ever made, “How To Roll A Blunt” (they should really play this song for kids in health class across the nation).  This album is a must-have for any real hip-hop head, as are a majority of the albums from the “Philly Bluntman” (Dare Iz A Darkside, Muddy Waters, Blackout (with Method Man), to name a few).


Bonus Sample:

This week’s bonus sample comes from one of the best duo’s hip-hop has ever had the pleasure of calling its own, one which happens to include Redman — Method Man & Redman (fitting group title, don’t ya think?)

George & Gwen McCrae — “The Rub”

(A husband and wife making beautiful music. I wonder if Shakespeare knew that he was talking about the funk when he wrote “Therein lies the rub…” I bet he did. He is the Bard after all.)

Method Man & Redman – “Cereal Killer”

(Throw it on with a blunt and some Cheerios … I think I just gave Cheerios their next ad campaign. Maybe I can get some residuals. And oh yeah, get Blackout!)