This Week in Sound: Of Crows and Chiefs


While this week seems to be fairly quiet in terms of sound — cue tumbleweed — there are still a few CD releases and concerts that might just grab your attention.

Releasing his 17th album this week, Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball has been viewed as his angriest album yet. The album also boasts features from notable artists such as Tom Morello, Matt Chamberlain.

Universal Music Group/Courtesy

British indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs will finally be releasing their 2011 album The Future is Medieval stateside this week. However, the US version not only gets the title Start the Revolution Without Me, but will also include songs from both the physical release and online version of the English album.

Danny Clinch/Courtesy

Berkeley’s own Counting Crows will be kicking off their tour this week with sold-out shows at Slim’s and the Great American Music Hall this week as well. The band will be supporting their new album Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation), which will be released on April 12.

Local Limelight:

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This week, we take a look at Butterfly Bones. The group has been slowly making their faces known around the electronica scene. With their upbeat pop synths and catchy guitar hooks, the band is known for their lively performances and danceable beats. The group has toured with other electronica acts such as Starfucker, and just recently played a sold-out show with Geographer as part of Noise Pop a couple weeks ago. If all this sounds good to you, check out the track “xoxo” below:

That’s it for this week’s music headlines. What do you think of Butterfly Bones?