State of the Art: Iranian Street Art, CB2 Dinnerware and Weirdo

Icy and Sot/Courtesy

Iranian street artists and brothers, Icy and Sot, recently stenciled this mural of two kids fighting onto a wall in Tabriz, Iran. Working in such a tumultuous part of the world, these emerging artists are gaining both local and international recognition with works inspired by war, love, hate, children, human rights and Iranian culture.

As I passed SF’s CB2 last week, the porcelain dinnerware designed by New York artist Dan Golden caught my eye. CB2 (a version of Crate and Barrel for young adults) has recruited talented contemporary artists, like Golden, to spice up their home goods. If you’re stocking up for next year’s apartment check out Golden’s unique and playful pieces, like this tofu plate (shown below) and “my first coffee cup.”


This weekend, the SF gallery 1:AM will be opening its second installment of “Outside In,” a collection of urban artworks brought inside a gallery space. Works by street artists Steel, Yes2, Jurne, Pemex, Wand, Keb, Kiro and more will be exhibited for viewing and purchasing.

(Installation by KEB) 1:AM/Courtesy

East Bay:
Playing with American culture objects in oddball combinations, artist Jeff Carr just opened a provocative new exhibit at Studio Quercus in Oakland. The show “Wanna Buy a Duck?” is a collection of paintings bursting with energy and far-out narratives.

Jeff Carr/Studio Quercus/Courtesy

Campus Area:
Seattle street artist Weirdo will be painting a mural live on campus next weekend. The project coincides with a group show at Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery in SF opening on Saturday. (A full review of the show will be up next week.) Weirdo will reportedly be painting near the Anthropology Department, and with his imaginative and daring style, he’ll be tough to miss.