ASUC Senate Agenda for March 7

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At Wednesday night’s ASUC Senate meeting, a bill will be introduced that would temporarily freeze new sponsorship of student groups through both senate bills and spring budgeting.

The bill will be introduced along with another bill that may place a referendum on the ballot, asking if it should be the official policy of the ASUC to call for UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s resignation. The bill involving the sponsorship of student groups was authored by Cooperative Movement Senator Elliot Goldstein and Student Action Senator Tiffany Chia, and states that the ASUC Office of Student Affairs — which manages all ASUC sponsorships — has an unsustainable amount of work.

“Our main goal here is to ensure that our student groups that are ASUC-sponsored continue to receive quality service and advising, and this is accomplished by reducing the workload on our staff,” Goldstein said in an email. The freeze would only affect new student groups, not groups renewing sponsorship, according to the bill.

The bill as currently written would go into effect in the eighth week of the spring semester and expire at the end of the senate term.

The bill further states that the senate is exploring options to support the staff as the ASUC Auxiliary, the business branch of the ASUC, undergoes organizational restructuring. The restructuring has already moved the Auxiliary’s reporting line from campus Office of Administration and Finance to the campus Division of Student Affairs, but more changes may occur when a transition team composed of student leaders and campus officials is scheduled to submit a final report by April 30.

“Because (the transition team) could potentially change a lot of aspects of the ASUC … we feel that it was more prudent to try to reduce workloads as compared to implementing staffing,” Chia said in an email.

Per usual process, the new bills will be sent to senate committees — which will meet over the next week — for consideration before heading to the senate as a whole.

Read the full agenda for tonight’s meeting below.

Chloe Hunt is the lead student government reporter.