City Council moves forward with program to let Telegraph businesses expand to sidewalk

The Berkeley City Council took its first steps toward implementing a pilot program that would allow shop owners to set up street displays outside their shops.

The council passed a referral on the Telegraph Pilot Program at its meeting Tuesday night, which will now go to the City Manager’s office for evaluation.

The Telegraph Pilot Program takes inspiration from a similar ordinance in San Francisco regulating shop owners setting up street merchandising displays. This program affects shop owners, not street vendors, by finally allowing shop owners on Telegraph Avenue to set up street displays to sell their merchandise.

According to Councilmember Kriss Worthington, who proposed the referral, the city manager will either implement the program or will more likely come back to the city council with a recommendation.

It is too early to tell which will be the case, according to city spokesperson Mary Kay Clunies-Ross.

If implemented, the city council may expand the program to the entire city, given its run on Telegraph Avenue is deemed successful.

Jaehak Yu covers city government.