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Photos, Flowers and Fashion: Springtime exhibits at the De Young Museum

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Arthur Tress, Untitled (City Hall) 1964


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MARCH 09, 2012

Springtime is almost here and with it come some cracking exhibitions at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Bay Area art enthusiasts will delight in what the De Young has to offer starting this month and continuing into the onset of summer. Veering away from paintings towards more everyday art forms, the museum has set up a fantastic array of displays from photography to flowers and high fashion.

Just last week the De Young opened an exhibit entitled “Arthur Tress: San Francisco 1964.” Photographer Arthur Tress took to the City’s streets in the summer of that year, when such events as The Beatles’s first North American tour and civil rights demonstrations were taking place. His black and white prints provide a compelling bit of local history.

Next week, a splendid floral exhibition will be held to honor the first days of spring. A five-day event starting March 13th will play host to many eye-catching bouquets from top floral designers.

                                                    de Young/Courtesy

Lastly, starting March 24th, the De Young will be displaying the shabby-chic styles of the acclaimed French haute couture designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The exhibit will include clothes spanning the length of his daring career, emphasizing the provocative nature of his designs and the way they deal with gender and sexuality. Accompanied by video clips and other multimedia, this exhibit promises to be a full-bodied experience.

There’s nothing like some good art with which to greet and honor the aesthetic beauty of spring. This month, the De Young is offering just that. Student discounts are available for admission to the museum.

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MARCH 09, 2012

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