Sample Sundays: Mm..Cortex and Beer

Dare-Dare (left), Rhymesayers Entertainment (right)/Courtesy

“Food! We need food!” Well, how about a sample instead? It’s all I can really give you via the internet until Wonka breaks us off with a machine that will transport giant candy bars and make them appear normal.

Now, admittedly, I don’t know much of anything about the group that I’ve chosen for today’s sample (maybe do some research James?), but that doesn’t make it any less of a gem or take away from this French jazz duo’s presence in the hip-hop community. Anyway, here it is:

Cortex — “Huit Octobre 1971”

Like I said, I have very little knowledge of this group, but I do have this track. It’s insane and, for lack of a better word, jazzy as all hell. If you can find some Cortex on vinyl, cop it, but don’t break your bank people.

And now, for the hip-hop CLASSIC (I can’t stress this enough) that sampled this track from the Frenchmen:

MF Doom – “One Beer”

(Madlib is easily one of the best producers still doing it. And I know Doom’s music is a challenge, but so is avant-garde jazz. People listen to that, right?)

MF Doom – “One Beer” (Live)

That’s right it’s Metal Face aka Metal Fingers aka Viktor Vaughn aka King Geedorah aka Zev Love X aka MF Doom —the man of many faces whose face you’ve never seen.  I could spend all day telling you why he’s good, why his rhymes matter, why his style matters, why his persona matters,and so on (please educate us Mr. Bell), but I’m going to leave it to one of my favorite rhmyers, the man formerly known as Mos Def, Yasiin Bey. (And oh yeah, go grab Mm..Food, Madvillain, and all of Doom’s albums).

Mos Def on MF Doom

(This is what hip-hop is about: recognizing the skills of your peers and celebrating them).

And in case some of you didn’t catch Doom’s lyrics in “One Beer,” here are a few of them:

“There’s only one beer left,

Rappers screaming all in our ears like we’re deaf.

Tempt me,

Do a number on the label,

Eat up all their MC’s and drink ’em under the table, like

It’s on me.

Put it on my tab kid.

However you get there,

Foot it, Cab it, Iron horse it

You leavin’ on your face, forfeit,

I crush the mic hold it like the heat he might toss it.

Told him tell ’em they stole it,

He told her he lost it,

She told him get off it, and a bunch other more shit.

Gettin’ money,

DT’s be gettin’ no new leads,

It’s like he eatin’ watermelon,

stay spitting new seeds.

It’s the weed,

give me some of what he’s drooping off,

Soon as he wake up, choking like it was whooping cough.”


For the more casual hip-hop listener, here are two other song’s that sampled “Huit Octobre 1971” that might be more easily digestible (get it?):

Wiz Khalifa — “Visions”

Tyler, The Creator — “Odd Toddlers”


Bonus Sample:

Here are a few more of my favorite Doom samples, but by no means are they sloppy seconds (get it? Yes, James, we get it):

James Ingram & Quincy Jones – “One Hundred Ways”

(Sample starts at 3:04).

MF Doom – “Rhymes Like Dimes”

(Some early Doom that would definitely make track numero uno on a best of Doom compilation).

MF Doom – Guinnesses feat. Empress Stahhr & 4ize

(So maybe Doom doesn’t rap on this track, but sure showcases his ability to produce on soulful-ass track).

Faze-O — “True Love”

(Great funk group from the late ’70s. Definitely worth checking out … sample starts at 3:00).


Thanks for checkin’ in y’all. Catch you next week.