Weekly Recap, March 4 – March 11

Welcome to the eighth week of our ‘Weekly Recap’ series.
This week:

-March 5th: On Monday, Occupy Cal and other Occupy movements rallied together at the state capital building. Afterwards, protestors occupied the capital building. At 5pm, police issued dispersal orders instructing protestors to leave. Seventy-two protestors refused and were arrested on the premises.

-March 8th: In the early hours of Thursday morning, a fire broke out at a Southside apartment complex. The fire spread through all three floors of the building and caused the roof of the complex until it collapsed.

-March 9th: On Friday, the UC Men’s Octet gave a rousing performance at Wheeler Hall. The set featured 13 new songs and marked the debut of new Octet member, Kashyep Valiveti.

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