Summer Exhibition Preview: Cindy Sherman at SFMOMA

Cindy Sherman/Museum of Modern Art, New York/Courtesy
"Untitled." Cindy Sherman, 2010

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The final show that I want to draw attention to is a Cindy Sherman retrospective that opens at the SFMOMA on July 14. Simply called “Cindy Sherman” (I suppose because Sherman requires only the briefest of introductions), it will open at the SFMOMA in the summer after having spent the spring at New York at the MoMa.

Since opening at the MoMA it has received very favorable reviews, The New York Times critic’s only complaint was that the show was too small to hold all of Cindy Sherman’s brilliance! Personally, I’m most excited at getting the opportunity to see the “Untitled Film Stills,” the self-portrait series that exploded Sherman onto the New York art scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

"Untitled Film Still #21." 1978. (Collection: The Museum of Modern Art, New York/Courtesy)












Also included will be a series of photographs in which Sherman, again both artist and subject, places herself in highly composed society portraits that observe the rigorous compositional rules of the Renaissance.

Alongside the Pre-Raphaelites at the Legion of Honour and the Jean Paul Gaultier retrospective at the de Young, there is really no excuse for not getting into the City and enjoying the eclectic offerings of its largest museums this summer.