Ode to a rainy day

Oh Rain, you great equalizer of men. You care not for gender, age or socioeconomic position. You take them as they come and readily open up your cold, wet embrace to the masses. When you decide to unleash your fervor unto the world, though some might call it wrath, there is no denying you. All the rubber boots and nylon canopies in the world have no chance against you. They may foolishly think that they can protect against your will, but in the end you remain steadfast. In the end you stay true and run your course.

Puddles harbored in shoes and socks augmented in weight by your molecular composition are testament to your determination. In the streets, children rejoice at the sight of your curbside congregation. Patiently you sit through their leaps and bounds. They may attempt to sully, blemish and pollute your pristine condition. They might attempt to destabilize and destroy your peaceful convocation. But you sit and you wait. Your patience a sign of your unknown benevolent disposition.

Oh Rain, you who breathe life back into the earth. Ignore the pleas of those who call for you removal. Don’t go away. Don’t come again some other day. Now is when your subjects need you most. Wash away the filth that so quickly inundates mankind. We accept your bounty. We cherish your torrential cool.

Yes, in the wake of this seemingly unending downpour, this is what I am now resigned to doing in my spare time. I don’t mind writing nonsense actually. It’s one of the things that I do habitually as a liberal arts major, as I’m sure so do many of you. I knew going into the study of the English language that I would surely encounter poetry along the way. I also knew that somewhere in my studies I would be asked to take the conventions that I had learned and use them to write something along the poetic convention. I never knew, however, that I would apply this to an opinion blog for The Daily Californian. But here I am once again, doing things that I had never thought I would do. In this case, addressing the rain as a sentient being.

For the past few days now we’ve been stuck in rain and I’m not really sure if I remember what sun looks like anymore. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, more rain has fallen in the past 48 hrs than in all of November and December of last year. Maybe that’s the reason why during my afternoon promenades through the campus most everyone I see look like they’ve been drained of their liveliness. Like one giant Venusaur used leech seed on the entire Berkeley population.

I for one don’t really understand why so many people turn melancholy whenever there is precipitation. Maybe its because I’m from Southern California — Orange County to be exact, and over there rain is pretty rare. I mean, we have it, but it’s a very watered down version of Northern California rain. As a child I used to spend countless hours before school praying to the rain gods for just a few droplets or a momentary sprinkle. I guess that’s why I take so much joy from the never-ending rain that has been falling since Monday night. Sure it sucks being cold and wet, but it won’t last forever.

Maybe someday one of you sourpusses will find yourselves in a drought and say, “How I miss those rainy Berkeley days.” We all might as well enjoy it while it lasts.