ASUC Senate freezes sponsorship of student groups for remainder of the semester

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New student groups that have never been sponsored by the ASUC will not be able to apply for ASUC sponsorship for the rest of the academic year, with some exceptions.

The ASUC Senate passed a resolution March 14 — authored by Cooperative Movement Senator Elliot Goldstein and Student Action Senator Tiffany Chia — to temporarily freeze all new student group sponsorship for the rest of the school year in order to lessen the workload for the ASUC Auxiliary, the business branch of the ASUC. More information about the resolution was presented at the senate’s meeting on Wednesday.

“We hope to be able to reduce the workload that our (ASUC Office of Student Affairs) staff currently have,” Chia said in an email.

The freeze went into effect March 16, after spring student group budgeting applications were due. ASUC sponsorship allows student groups to request ASUC funds during spring budgeting to generally support their activities for the upcoming year. The bill still allows new groups to receive ASUC sponsorship for individual events.

According to a message sent out Wednesday to student groups through CalLink and student affairs office, exceptions to the freeze can be made for student groups that demonstrate a “real need,” including student groups that need an ASUC bank account for spring or summer activities.

The bill states that the senate is exploring options to support the staff as the ASUC Auxiliary undergoes organizational restructuring because of its move from reporting to Administration and Finance to the Division of Student Affairs. Changes may occur to the ASUC Auxiliary when a transition team composed of student leaders and campus officials submit recommendations on the restructuring by April 30.

Chloe Hunt is the lead student government reporter.