Marshawn Lynch to appear in cowboy movie


Get your Skittles ready, because Beast Mode is coming to a theater near you.

Former Cal running back and apparent thespian Marshawn Lynch is set to appear alongside Gary Busey in a cowboy movie. None of this is being made up.

The movie, called “Matt’s Chance,” is currently being filmed in Seattle but does not have a set release date. On a side note, a cowboy movie being shot in Seattle might be crazier than Marshawn Lynch being in a cowboy movie.

Directed by Nicholas Gyeney, the movie tells the story of Matt, a twenty-something cowboy with a cheating girlfriend. Who lives in Seattle, which is a totally normal thing for a cowboy to do. This all sounds dangerously hipster.

Lynch will be playing a “mob security guard” — because apparently those exist in cowboy movies — and will be credited as “goon.” While no other details have been released about his participation, one can only assume his role will include stiff arms and grills. This may be the first time in history that a cowboy movie features a character with dreads.

Like the women of Buffalo, New York, it’s pretty much a given that this is going to be “terribly interesting.”