Regents received thousands of emails about November protests, documents show

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Documents obtained by The Daily Californian show that over 3,500 emails were sent to the UC Board of Regents in response to police action against students during protests at UC Berkeley and UC Davis in November.

Over 2,000 of the emails called for UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi’s resignation, while a little over 900 other emails criticized police actions at the campuses. The emails were part of email campaigns entitled “Resign” and “End Police Abuse Now,” respectively.

Additionally, the board received over 500 individually written emails calling for the resignation of both Katehi and UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau. Birgeneau announced last month that he would resign at the end of this year.

Along with the emails, the board also received nine letters criticizing police action at both campuses, including one from state Assembly Speaker John Perez.

The board also received two emails in support of the action taken by police against students protesting at the campuses.

Damian Ortellado is the lead higher education reporter.