Sample Sundays: The Emotions of Big Daddy Kane

It’s Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! (Monster truck rally commercial voice — I really wish I went to one of those as a kid.) So you know that your man (cough … me … James) has got you with another sample.

Now, it’s a mystery as to why I haven’t covered this track before, and even more of a mystery as to why I haven’t included this hip-hop artist somewhere, anywhere, on Sample Sundays. Maybe Scooby and the gang will get to the bottom of it when they tie me down and pull off my mask, revealing that I’m some cagey old octogenarian on the brink of senility who somehow still has the agility to outrun a group of clearly sexually frustrated teenagers who just want to solve the crime already and smoke with their stoner dog (I don’t wear a mask … most of time). I’m sure that my favorite cartoon characters aren’t going to come for me any time soon, or ever consummate their eternal sexual desires (I’m not even sure my crime would come up on their radar), but here is the track the hip-hop classic I’m about to school y’all on samples:

The Emotions – Blind Alley

The Emotions were a Soul and R&B group comprised of the three sisters from Chicago that most of y’all might know for their smash “Best of My Love.” They sold tons of albums in their career and have been sampled countless times by the hip-hop community. They still perform today and if you have the dough (and you can find one), an Emotions vinyl is definitely worth your dough. And here’s something for any of y’all hankering for some more info.

Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half-Steppin’

(Fresh tailored suits with thick gold dookie rope chains, using cards to mimic scratching a record, trading rhymes over split-screen, ill coordinated dance moves and tracksuits … need I say more? Maybe just that Marley Marl is a genius, and one of the best producers of all-time. That was worth adding.)

That’s right my homeskillets and homefries, it’s Big Daddy Kane, one of the smoothest and slickest rhymers of all-time. If this man isn’t on your list of the Ten Best Lyricists of All Time (you should be thinking about this list constantly in case some busta wants to step to you, that way you can drop knowledge without half-steppin’). Big Daddy Kane’s influence on MC-ing and hip-hop as a whole cannot be overstated. From his persona, to his dress, to his status as a sex symbol, to his ability to construct complex rhymes that utilized his seemingly never-ending vocabulary, Big Daddy Kane is a hip-hop god. There’s not much more to say (that’s not true, but I’m not writing a damn book am I?). You should have Long Live the Kane, which includes “Ain’t No Half-Steppin’,” in your iTunes library after you finish reading this post and check out the rest of Kane’s catalogue. And if you’re interested in classic porno mags, you can scour the net for Big Daddy Kane’s “Playgirl” issue (yes, that’s correct — and it makes him all the more gangster).

And lists are always fun, so here is one with some of the other people who decided “Blind Alley” was worth sampling:

112 – “In Love with You”

3 Grand – “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number”

3rd Bass – “Product of the Environment”

A Tribe Called Quest – “Phony Rappers”

A Tribe Called Quest – “Scenario”

Alkaholiks – “Who Dem Niggas”

All City Productions – “Unsolved Mysterme”

AMG – “Jiggable Pie”

Bell Biv Devoe – “Above the Rim”

Big Daddy Kane – “Ain’t No Half Steppin'”

Black AG – “There it Is”

Born Discipline – “Where You At”

Brand Nubian – “Alladat”

C Funk – “Oh You Make Me Go”

Chubb Rock – “Organizer”

Chunk – “Treat ’em Like They Act”

Craig Mack – “Funk Wit Da Style”

DaLush & The Click – “I’m a Bad Bad Nigga”

Das EFX – “Jussummen”

Das EFX – “Klap Ya Handz”

Ed O.G. – “Go Up and Up”

Ed OG – “Go Up & Up”

Ed OG – “I’m Different”

Eightball – “What the Fuck is an Eightball?”

EPMD – “Brothers from Brentwood LI”

Gang Starr – “Comin’ for Datazz”

Ice Cube – “We Had to Tear this Motherfucker Up”

Innosense – “A Real Good Man”

Jadakiss ft Sheek Louch – “Feel the Wrath”

Kenny Dope ft Shaggy – “Gunshot”

King Just – “Move on ’em Stomp”

King Sun – “Sippin’ Brandy”

King T – “Duck”

L.E.S. Crew – “Grab Ya Head”

Large Professor – “Sunrise”

Leaders of the New School – “Sound of the Zeekers”

Levert – “Me N You”

LL Cool J – “Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag”

Lords of the Underground – “Psycho”

Mad Racket – “Supa”

Makeba & Skratch – “MC’s Can’t Get With Me”

Makeba & Skratch – “Mentally Fitness”

Mariah Carey – “Dream Lover”

Massive Attack – “Any Love”

Melvin Riley – “I’m Going Through a Thang”

Mesanjars of Funk – “Funk in Da Trunk”

Messy Marv – “I’ma Tell U Whut’s Real”

Mormon Ghetto Projectz ft X-Caliber – “Intro-section + Turn the Tables”

Nikki D – “The Beauty Shop”

P King – “It’s Fundamental”

P King – “Sleepaway Camp”

P-King – “Wicked and Nasty”

Pharcyde – “4 Better or 4 Worse”

R.O.C. – “Check out my Vocals”

Redhead Kingpen – “We Don’t Have a Plan B”

Redhead Kingpin & The FBI – “We Don’t Have a Plan B”

Redman – “Redman Meets Reggie Noble”

Roughhouse Survivers – “Rough House”

Sadat X – “Lump Lump”

Serious Lee Fine – “Sweat”

Shakespear & The Last Empire – “My Old Jams Still Slam”

Strugglin Souls – “Phunky Behavior”

Sweet N Lo – “All in How You Bag It”

Tasc 4orce – “Takin No Shorts”

Tasc 4ource – “Takin’ No Shorts No More”

The Barrio Boyz ft Fat Joe – “I Get Lifted”

Tongues in Da Attic – “Boom Data”

Top Quality – “Messages from Uptown”

Trilogy – “Good Time”

Tymez Up – “Mic Grippa”

Wreckx-N-Effect – “Rump Shaker”


Bonus Sample:

Consistency is nice in an ever-changing world, though sometimes you need some chocolate sauce and some extra nuts (take it however you wish). So, here is another Big Daddy Kane track, with the sample first of course (respect the past).

James Brown – Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved

Big Daddy Kane – Set It Off

(This might be one of the first intentional/self-aware stutters on record. Listeners of more current hip-hop might recognize this technique in the rhymes of Busta Rhymes … damn that sounded like an infomercial.)