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Report on UC Davis pepper spray incident scheduled for release Wednesday

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APRIL 09, 2012

After weeks of delay, the task force report investigating the Nov. 18 UC Davis pepper spray incident has been tentatively scheduled for public release Wednesday.

The move comes after the Federated University Police Officers Association and UC reached an agreement to redact all names of the UC Davis police officers except Lt. John Pike  — who pepper sprayed the campus protesters — and then-Police Chief Annette Spicuzza.

UC officials expect Judge Evelio Grillo to approve the settlement at a hearing Tuesday, said UC spokesperson Dianne Klein.

Former California Supreme Court Justice and task force chair Cruz Reynoso had originally anticipated to release the report on Mar. 6 but delayed once the police union filed a legal request to halt public disclosure due to privacy concerns.

The task force report will be made publicly available online at the UC Davis website homepage Wednesday at noon. Task force members will also outline their findings for the UC Davis community later Wednesday afternoon at UC Davis.

Curan Mehra covers higher education.

APRIL 09, 2012

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