ASUC attorney general drops charges against V.O.I.C.E., pending outcome of executive order challenge

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ASUC Judicial Council Chair Erica Furer reaffirmed in an email Friday that the scheduled hearing on alleged campaign violations from The Daily Californian’s fee referendum would not be held, but altered the reason behind the cancelled proceedings.

Furer said in a previous email on Thursday that the hearing on alleged violations committed by the V.O.I.C.E. Initiative was cancelled “in light of a settlement reached independently by the parties.” However, she said in her Friday email that she was “informed that the final settlement was not reached by the parties.”

Furer added that the charges were dropped by ASUC Attorney General Deepti Rajendran, who will revisit them if an attempt to overturn ASUC President Vishalli Loomba’s executive order is successful.

Loomba’s executive order was issued early Wednesday morning and upheld by the ASUC Senate at its Wednesday meeting. Loomba’s executive order invalidates the initiative — which asked students if they would pay $2 per semester to support the Daily Cal — on the grounds that it would have violated UC policy stating that student fee referendums cannot fund non-university organizations.

The charges that would have been the subject of Friday’s hearing were filed by CalTV Director of Business, Advertising and Marketing Elizabeth Kopaskie, who was acting in her individual capacity.  The charges state that the Daily Cal violated ASUC bylaws by placing V.O.I.C.E. flyers in its newspapers, among other claims.

J.D. Morris is the university news editor.