State Republican leaders announce plan to fund education

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In a letter addressed to student leaders on Tuesday, state Senate Republican leader Bob Huff and Assembly Republican leader Connie Conway announced their plan to fund education through $4.4 billion dollars in budget solutions.

The plan, called the “Roadmap to Protect Classrooms and Taxpayers,” would serve as an alternative to tax increases proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown this year, according to the letter. The letter states that Brown’s initiative would not actually increase funding for California colleges and universities, and uses students “as political pawns to gain support for a tax plan.”

If Brown’s multi-billion dollar tax plan does not pass, “students will lose either way,” the letter states.

“If it fails, you will be the victims of further state funding reductions, with 97% of the proposed cuts by the Governor and Democrat members targeting K-12 and higher education,” the letter states. “This will surely lead to additional tuition and fee increases.”

The letter does not go into detail about the plan, but encourages readers to visit the plan’s website for more information.

“We strongly believe that our roadmap is a responsible way to protect education funding, while providing enough financial certainty to stop California’s public colleges from raising tuition and student fees,” the letter states.

Read the full letter below.

Geena Cova covers academics and administration.