Editor’s Note: Daily Cal switches to broadsheet format to save costs, improve quality

The following editor’s note appeared on the front page of the first issue of our broadsheet edition, published Monday, April 16, 2012:

The paper you are holding is the best of both worlds.

It’s better. By switching to the broadsheet format, our paper is four inches longer, allowing us more space on which to present you information in the most compelling ways possible. It will also always have color on the front and back pages.

But it’s also cheaper. In revisiting our printing arrangement this year, we learned what other printing presses had to offer in terms ofpricing and capabilities before renegotiating with our existing printer. That led to a deal that will save about $10,000 annually.

To coincide with this launch, we have redesigned our paper to be more visually engaging and appealing to readers, as well as to utilize the additional space. Here on Page 1 you can easily access our featured online content, placed purposely up front to better integrate our digital coverage with our print product. On Page 3, the “In Berkeley” space will consistently utilize feature photos, local stories and community briefs to anchor the Daily Cal as “Berkeley’s Newspaper.”

As if that were not enough, the arrangement also allows for additional printing configurations that will save further costs and boost revenue. Whereas the number of pages in our previous paper had to be a multiple of four, we now can print in multiples of two, allowing us to more precisely pay only for the space we need. We can also now produce advertising options common in the professional world, like stickers and spadeas.

Despite our financial difficulties, we are improving our operations and delivering better quality than ever. This paper is new and improved, but there’s much more online. Our website, dailycal.org, was ranked among the top 14 college newspaper websites in the nation last week by the Associated Collegiate Press. We are also one of the first student papers to create a responsive website for mobile devices.

The Daily Cal is produced by a new staff year-after-year as students join and graduate. Yet over 141 years, students have driven this paper to new heights in order to better inform our community. If you have ideas or suggestions, email me at [email protected], or apply to join us by visiting apply.dailycal.org.

-Tomer Ovadia
Editor in Chief and President