UC Berkeley recognized on Reddit’s front page

Reddit added a golden bear to its masthead Monday in honor of UC Berkeley's subreddit ranking.

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A golden bear adorned reddit.com’s front page Monday, in celebration of UC Berkeley’s third-place finish in a competition tracking the growth of college subreddits.

Reddit — a social news microblogging website where users can submit content and rank posts up or down to decide what posts are on the website’s front page — hosted a “Grow a College Subreddit Competition” from Aug. 20 to Oct. 26. Over the course of the competition, the site tracked the growth of 463 college subreddits, communities of subcategories created around specific areas of interest.

As a result of the competition, the website saw an increase of over 60 percent in the number of subscribers to all college subreddits — from 42,957 to 71,423 subscribers.

As part of “college subreddit takeover week,” a golden bear accompanied the site’s blue and gold masthead all day Monday. The six other top subreddit colleges, including UCLA and the Rochester Institute of Technology, will also have the website’s front page reflect their logos for a day and will receive additional gifts.

The campus also came in fourth in the “relative ranking,” which took into account the size of a college’s student population.

The website’s blog states that it measured each college’s subreddit growth by subscriber count and traffic and weighed it against total growth of all college subreddits.

Afsana Afzal covers academics and administration.