ASUC April 18 Senate Meeting Agenda

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At the ASUC Senate’s thirteenth week of session, a bill in support of negotiations with BART for student subsidies will be discussed, along with the reorganization of the ASUC Auxiliary’s administration and a ballot fee referendum to support The Daily Californian.

According to a senate bill, BART is open to negotiating with UC Berkeley to provide discounted passes for students. The bill states that a BART negotiations committee currently exists and asks that the senate support continued efforts to reach an agreement to provide students with more subsidized BART services.

The bill will most likely go to a senate committee before returning to the senate floor for a vote.

LeNorman Strong, associate vice chancellor of student affairs for Residential and Student Service Programs, and External Affairs Vice President Joey Freeman will discuss the ASUC Auxiliary transition planning team, a team charged with coming up with suggestions for the reorganization of the ASUC’s administrative branch. The auxiliary experienced a shift in reporting structure from Administration and Finance to the campus Division of Student Affairs in July.

Freeman and Strong presented the draft report of recommendations to auxiliary staff Wednesday, and the senate will move into executive session to discuss sensitive personnel matters, Freeman said in an email.

A report is scheduled to be released April 30.

Co-executive director of CalTV Myles Moscato will also speak to the senate regarding the V.O.I.C.E. initiative. A hearing will occur Wednesday to determine if the ASUC Judicial Council should overturn ASUC President Vishalli Loomba’s executive order that invalidated The Daily Cal’s fee initiative from the 2012 election ballot.

Chloe Hunt is the lead student government reporter.