The City is Ours brings art and underground music together in Oakland this Saturday


On the Facebook event of “The City is Ours,” a free music festival hitting Oakland this Saturday, Hector Jimenez wants “ya’ll mudafuckas,” as he refers to the event’s organizers, to “tell where tba is at right now !!!!!” but the event’s promoters are staying tight-lipped. Staying true to the night’s name means keeping cops out. But the Facebook page for the show isn’t just people demanding an address; it teases a line-up of over 20 local acts including Antwon, SAFE, and Twin Steps performing somewhere on the streets of Oakland, along with a secret art installation. 

For Pilar Reyes, one of the organizers, and for the artists, TCO is “about the music and about the people.” Most of the performers expressed interest via Twitter and all are performing for free.”Many of us have lived here our whole lives. We wanted to give back to Oakland and bring all the different social groups of the city together,” Reyes said. Antwon of San Jose was one of the first to come on board.  

TCO comes from the same people behind “Hoodstoccupy,” the politically-active arts festival of last December profiled in the Daily Cal. For Reyes, “Occupy has gotten a lot of people out in the streets, exposed a lot of people to music, and just gotten so much dialogue going politically and artistically.” This Saturday night’s event builds on the same energy. Follow @HoodStock510 on Twitter and check the Facebook event to see just which part of Oakland the party will occupy.