Cal Day Concert 2012: Dr. Dog

Ah, Cal Day! For many, this day is fondly remembered as the day they, as a prospective Cal student, came to visit the campus and basked in the wondrous place that is UC Berkeley.

Now, for many of us current students, this is known as the day everything will be free, including the Superb-hosted Memorial Glade concert. Luckily for us in this year of 2012, Dr. Dog will be playing.  YESSSSSSSS, it’s TRUE!

The Pennsylvania rock band has been on tour for their newest album, Be the Void, and we are lucky enough to have the chance to see them for free. Key word: Free. Another key word that hasn’t been used to describe  this event: awesome.

 (A favorite among fans.)

Be sure to catch the free concert on, Saturday, April 21, on Memorial Glade from 4-6pm! It’s going to be a lovely, sunny day anyways. Live a little before finals, you guys.