Old New York Meets The New D: OC and Apollo Brown’s Trophies

Mello Music Group/Courtesy

Today marks the release of an album that is going to be championed by the underground — an album that everyone with a penchant for hard-hitting boom-bap soulful production combined with ill lyricism from one of the most underrated and seldom mentioned MC’s of all time will bump in their Jeep’s after they take out their Masta Ace tapes (or change the song on their iPod). But hopefully, the album will actually get a few of your friends to put down the Wiz Khalifa album they love so much (I said it) and listen to some hip-hop.

Today, Mello Music Group released the collaboration from the Brooklyn-brew veteran rhymer, OC, and Detroit-based producer, Apollo Brown entitled Trophies. The album commands your attention from the jump and is 16 tracks of all-killer-no-filler that will slap you back to when you wore Timbs, army fatigues, and snapbacks (maybe you still do? ). OC is in top form, and hasn’t missed a step since his seminal debut Word…Life and Apollo Brown crafts densely layered ‘straight-fire’ beats that will leave your ear drums beat like a one two from Tyson.

Here’s what legendary producer DJ Premier had to say about the album: “I just heard OC & Apollo Brown’s new LP and it’s dope original shit – that hiphop for the people!”

The album is available on iTunes and Mello Music Group’s bandcamp. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section.