New survey shows majority of California voters support Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative

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APRIL 25, 2012

A survey released Wednesday indicates that a majority of likely voters support Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, which would mitigate further state cuts to public education, including the UC.

According to the survey released Wednesday by the Public Policy Institute of California, 54 percent of likely voters favor Brown’s initiative, which aims to close the state’s multibillion-dollar budget deficit. The initiative would increase the effective tax rate for California’s wealthiest residents and raise the state’s sales tax.

Brown has warned that if the initiative does not pass in the November election, automatic so-called “trigger cuts” to public schools would take effect next year. Seventy-eight percent of likely voters oppose these cuts, according to the survey.

The tax initiative is not without contention. The vote is split closely along party lines, with Democrats generally in support of the initiative and Republicans opposed. And although a majority of likely California voters favor Brown’s initiative, 52 percent of likely voters oppose the sales tax increase that would be implemented should the initiative pass.

Despite the support for the initiative from likely voters, only 6 percent of those polled said that increased funding alone would lead to a “significant improvement” in schools.

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APRIL 25, 2012

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