Chancellor search committee to meet with campus representatives

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Selected faculty members and students will meet at an on-campus stakeholders’ meeting Friday with the advisory committee chosen to recommend a replacement for outgoing UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau.

At the meeting, which will be held at Clark Kerr campus, faculty members selected by the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate and students selected by the ASUC and Graduate Assembly presidents will have the opportunity to meet with the committee in a closed meeting  to discuss qualifications of the new chancellor.

In a Thursday email to the campus community, ASUC President Vishalli Loomba and Graduate Assembly President Bahar Navab invited students to attend one of two “listening sessions” — which are open meetings — with the committee to express their thoughts and perspectives on the search for a new chancellor.

The committee will consist of five UC regents, five UC faculty members — three from UC Berkeley and two from other campuses — one undergraduate student representative, one graduate student representative, a UC Berkeley staff representative, an alumni representative and a representative from the UC Berkeley Foundation, according to UC policy.

Nine current and newly elected members of the academic senate — the elected representatives of the faculty — and other faculty members will present their views at the Friday meeting, said Bob Jacobsen, chair of the campus division of the academic senate, in a message to academic senate faculty and emeriti.

On Sunday, Student Action Senator Shahryar Abbasi was nominated and approved to serve as the undergraduate representative on the committee. Abbasi will replace Loomba, who was originally nominated, because the committee requested that the undergraduate representative be a student who would still be an undergraduate in the fall semester.

In an attempt to increase student participation at Friday’s stakeholder meeting, Loomba and Navab opened up applications for student representatives  in order to select 10 students from the general student body to participate. The applications were due on April 16.

Two graduate students and eight undergraduates were selected, Navab said. The names of the students have not yet been released.

ASUC Senators Ju Hong, Elliot Goldstein and Safeena Mecklai and Graduate Assembly delegates Gordon Hoople, Heather Arata and Bianca Suarez — who were not a part of the application process  — will also serve as student representatives, according to Navab.

Jacobsen told faculty and emeriti to email him if they wanted to have something presented at the Friday meeting. Individuals can also make comments on the campus website, he said in the message.