Hip Hop Festival to Liven People’s Park

There’s nothing like a hip hop festival to reanimate Dead Week corpses, and Cal Students for Hip Hop are bringing hip hop to the people (zombie or otherwise) this Saturday, May 5 at People’s Park.

The 16th annual Hip Hop in the Park, a free festival with music, live graffiti art, and a cypher will feature local rappers and DJs. Los Angeles rapper Dumbfoundead and Gift of Gab of the Bay Area duo Blackalicious will headline the fast-spitting fest.

Check out the video for “Cool and Calm” off  Dumbfoundead’s album DFD. I’m a fan of foxy ladies (seeing as how I am one) and a laidback flow, and this has both foxy ladies and flow (but not like foxy lady period flow, don’t get weird). Though I am not a foxy lady included in this video, it’s worth a watch. Seriously, it’s great.

Can diction be toxic? Gift of Gab says yes. This track makes me want to drain all my car batteries into the ocean (I have buckets of toxic auto fluid just sitting around in my dorm room). It makes me wanna go all BP oil on that ass. Wait, what? Anyway, listen to “Toxic” off Gift of Gab’s album The Next Logical Progression.

It’s free fun for hip hop heads and art enthusiasts alike. RSVP on Facebook or stroll on in from noon to 5 pm. (But please leave your car batteries at home, there’s no place for them at a music festival.)