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ASUC Judicial Council disqualifies Class Pass

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MAY 04, 2012

The ASUC Judicial Council unanimously ruled Thursday to disqualify the Class Pass referendum from the ASUC 2012 general election ballot.

Graduate Assembly President Bahar Navab and ASUC President Vishalli Loomba, as well as SQUELCH! Senator Noah Ickowitz, filed charges against Elections Council chair Pamudh Kariyawasam, requesting the disqualification of the referendum from the ballot. Both charge sheets claimed that there were errors on the ballot misinforming students.

Kariyawasam said that the grounds for disqualification were reasonable and legitimate.

The Class Pass referendum asked students to support extending the campus bus pass agreement with AC Transit for an additional seven years and increase its cost to $86 beginning in fall 2013. The current seven-year bus pass agreement — passed in 2006 — is still in effect.

Navab and Loomba were proponents of placing the referendum on the ballot.  Although the contract does not expire until next year, placing it on the ballot this year would allow students to vote on the contract without necessarily voting to keep or lose the bus pass entirely, they said.

The Judicial Council found four total violations — including a mistake within the printed voters’ guide distributed to students that advertised the pass as only a three-year agreement — and, in accordance with ASUC bylaws, disqualified the referendum on the  “grounds that the mismanagement or the unpunished violation substantially affected the outcome of the election.”

Read the full text of the charge sheet below:

Chloe Hunt is the lead student government reporter.

MAY 04, 2012

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