June 5 Election Endorsements

So you’re not going to vote on Tuesday? You say primary elections don’t matter?

Yes, President Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee, and Mitt Romney has already sewn up the requisite number of delegates on the GOP side.

Dianne Feinstein is sure to be the Democratic nominee for Senate once again, and the well-respected incumbent is not likely to lose in a solid blue state. Locally, Democratic incumbents Loni Hancock and Nancy Skinner are running unopposed for state Senate and state Assembly, respectively.

So where does that leave us? With two statewide propositions and a measure in Alameda County. These three issues are important and far-reaching enough for Californians to come to the polls on Tuesday.

Proposition 28 alters terms limits for the California State Legislature, while Prop 29 imposes a tobacco tax that will go to, among other things, cancer research. Measure B is a countywide parcel tax to support four East Bay community colleges.

Despite dealing with millions of dollars, Measure B and Prop 29 are both very specific, transparent laws. While the effects of Prop 28 are impossible to know for sure, the language is equally explicit.

Taxes, terms and tobacco are not often grouped together. Yet these three referendums all have commonalities in their potential for efficacy. Investing in the well-being of Californians — for research, for education, for representation — is an undeniable positive.

The endorsements that follow are the collective opinion of The Daily Californian’s Senior Editorial Board. Compiled after much discussion and debate, these endorsements are meant to educate and recommend. But don’t just read our editorials and take our word for it. Look up the issues yourselves — research them, question them, argue them. And then step into the voting booth and vote for what benefits not just you but all of California.

On good terms

Vote ‘yes’ to allow state legislators more time in office to gain valuable experience and contacts — and to serve you.

Smoke and mirrors

A $1.00 cigarette tax to fund cancer research benefits all Californians — smokers and nonsmokers. Vote ‘yes.’

B true to your schools

Vote ‘yes’ to impose a $48-per-year parcel tax to support our struggling local community colleges in Alameda County