UC Irvine graduate student nominated as student regent-designate

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The UC Office of the President announced the nomination of the student regent-designate position for the upcoming academic year Monday after a special committee of the UC Board of Regents selected between three finalists.

If approved by the regents at their upcoming July board meeting, UC Irvine law student and Los Angeles native Cinthia Flores will assume the role of student regent-designate for the coming year and participate in all deliberations. Flores will not have voting privileges until her one-year term as student regent begins in July 2013.

Flores said she hopes to promote state and public investment in the UC public system and is looking forward to working with students from across the UC campuses to develop successful strategies.

“During my time at UCLA, I discovered the most effective way of conceptualizing an issue is to personalize it,” she said. “If we really consider the impact that the UC system has had across the state, people would be more inclined to care about the issues affecting it now.”

This fall, Flores will enter her second year at the UC Irvine School of Law, after graduating in 2010 from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a double minor in Chicano studies and labor and workplace studies. She previously served as the first Latina president of the Undergraduate Student Association Council at UCLA and also served on the school’s executive boards of the Associated Students of UCLA and the UC Student Association.

“I’m excited to do what I do best, and that’s working with students and perfecting the UC system,” she said of her nomination.

The student regent nominating committee for Flores included outgoing Student Regent Alfredo Mireles Jr., who said the vetting process of selecting the regent-designate is a pretty accurate test of how well-equipped the student regent will be for the role.

“(Flores) has got to be one of the most tenacious people (I’ve met), and it comes through in how she communicates and how poised she is,” Mireles said. “I also was excited to see some strong female candidates — it’s been too many men for too long.”

Flores was among 50 students from nine UC campuses who applied for the position and, if approved, will be the 39th student regent since the position was established in 1975, according to a press release announcing the nomination.

Current Student Regent-designate Jonathan Stein said he is “incredibly excited” to work with Flores.

Stein, who advocates for greater connectivity between the student regents and their constituents, also noted that it will be beneficial to have both a student regent from southern California and northern California in communicating with the UC students.

“It’s going to be a crazy, tumultuous year because of the state’s budget,” Stein said. “I’m really happy I’ll have Cinthia as a partner.”