Smoke DZA: Riiiiight…Baleedat

Times Square Records/Courtesy

I’m not big on Ralph Lauren. But if there was a man who could convince me otherwise it would probably be Rugby Thompson a.k.a. Smoke DZA. Riiiight.

DZA’s new album, Rugby Thompson, backed entirely by ‘la musica de Harry Fraud,’ is set to release next week on June 19th via High Times Records. In fact, you can pre-order the album here (Bronsolino and Schoolboy Q are on it…I think.) So, it was only a matter of time before the leaks started dropping like Kevin Durant’s jumper (OKC bandwagon muthafucka).

Personally, I’m glad this one is out. ‘Baleedat’ (‘Believe That’ for the layman) is couched in ‘smoke thicker than peanut butter.’ It’s what you expect from Curren$y and Mr. George Kush, two rappers who are only concerned with jet fuel and three kinds of paper. Figure it out.

Aside from that, this is now officially one of the best Fraud tracks to date. I don’t know what the sample is, but he flipped it like Lauryn Hill in the ghetto on a dirty matress. Or something.

So, do you ‘need dat?’ Baleedat.