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So we all know by now that illegally downloading music is a bit dodgy and has the potential to cost you more than your Berkeley degree if you get caught. Therefore, it’s always nice when artists decide to give away their music for free. If you couldn’t already tell from the cryptic title, this blog is all about free music. I’ll be popping in throughout the summer to share some of my favorite free (and legal) download finds, new and old.

The first of the series is a bit of man-pop from David Stewart, a singer-songwriter best known for playing guitar on British rapper Example’s tour. Wikipedia, the source of all knowledge, defines a concept album as one in which all songs “are contributing to a single overall theme or unified story.”  By this definition, one could definitely call Stewart’s debut project, Late Night Viewing, a concept album as it shamelessly focuses on his sexcapades and little else. As cringe-worthy as the lyrics get, after a few listens Late Night Viewing is an incredibly addictive piece of dark pop.  The first single, “Lay on the Bonnet” sets the tone for the whole album with its understated intensity, making it the perfect song for those late night summer drives to nowhere in particular.

The 10-song mix tape includes collaborations with several of Stewart’s more high-profile friends, including Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32 and Yasmin.  Example features on the album’s highlight, “Run the World.” It’s an unapologetically crass tune about free love and strip shows, driven by Stewart’s hedonistic shouting of  “I’m on a mother f**king rampage!” “Run the World” takes everything that’s wrong with radio pop and somehow makes it anthemic. Lyrically, Stewart puts everything out in the open and despite several electro embellishments to the backing tracks, his voice is exposed and clear.

The best part of Late Night Viewing is that is it completely free at  .


Tracks to download: Lay on the Bonnet, Blood Rush, Run the World, Heaven, Woman in Lust


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