Ty Segall Band Solidifies Garage Rock Prowess on New Single

No artist today embodies the sound of “garage rock” as thoroughly as Ty Segall. The California native channels the likes of the Kinks and the White Stripes, only with an even dirtier and more primal sound. Segall is a workaholic, continuously releasing albums both solo and collaborative. After releasing his (relatively) calmer, more tuneful Goodbye Bread last year, Segall has already dropped a joint album with White Fence entitled Hair and has plans to release two more albums this year — one solo and one with his backing band, fittingly called Ty Segall Band. “I Bought My Eyes,” one of the singles from upcoming Ty Segall Band release Slaughterhouse, features a fuzzed-out frantic guitar riff and distant vocal harmoines. The track builds and builds until a fiery guitar solo takes over in true face-melting fashion. Fast forward to 4:06 — as the song fades, a Led Zeppelin-like riff begins and cuts out all too soon. If those glorious seconds are a preview of the next track on the album, then I have a feeling that Slaughterhouse will be played many times this summer.

Slaughterhouse is out June 26th via In the Red.