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Daily Cal's additional day of print fares poorly in summer

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JULY 03, 2012

Next week, The Daily Californian will return to producing two papers a week for the remainder of the summer.

At the beginning of June, we increased our days of print from two to three in an attempt to bring in incremental revenue to offset a multitude of fixed costs — printing, payroll and rent, among others — during the time of the year when we suffer the most.

But the additional day was not as successful as we had hoped, and overall, the results were unimpressive.

We did manage to cover the expenses associated with printing a third day, and we exceeded our $25,000 goal for June by 4 percent, beating last June’s revenue by 14 percent. But the incremental revenue from producing a third paper per week did not materialize.

With more preparation and further discussion with advertisers, readers and the staff, we will re-evaluate the possibility of trying a similar program next summer if we believe that it is a worthwhile endeavor.

As we work to establish a sustainable business model, we are constantly seeking ways to increase revenues and cut costs without compromising the award-winning newspaper readers have enjoyed for 141 years. We are hopeful that next summer we can try a similar program that would serve both our customers and readers and will be sustainable in the future.

Feel free to share with us your thoughts and input, and do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Stephanie Baer is the editor in chief and president.

JULY 03, 2012

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