Postal service to sell another property in Berkeley

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Another Berkeley property owned by the U.S. Postal Service is being sold just a few weeks after the news of the plan to move the service’s main post office on Allston Way surfaced.

The plot of land owned by the Postal Service is approximately 2.2 acres on 8th and Harrison streets — which neighbors the service’s main processing center — and the service plans to sell it for $2.3 million, according to Postal Service spokesperson Augustine Ruiz. However, the land does not actually contain a building and currently sits empty.

Buyers for the plot of land have not been determined, according to Ruiz.

“(The plot of land) was first acquired by (Postal Service) in case there was a need for expansion,” Ruiz said.

He also said because the Postal Service is going through a financial crisis, it has been developing cost containment strategies throughout the 2012 fiscal year, including selling excess property that is no longer needed, such as the main post office in downtown Berkeley.

The Postal Service is currently planning to move its letter carriers from the main post office building on Allston Way to the processing center neighboring the plot of land to be sold, Ruiz said. There are still no buyers for the Allston building.

City of Berkeley spokesperson Mary Kay Clunies-Ross said it may be too early to say whether the postal service move from Allston will have any noted impact on the city.

“I would venture that there would be some interesting project proposed and we could get some public benefit out of whatever replaces that facility,” said Councilmember Linda Maio, whose district includes the post office and neighboring land.