Tom Hanks Tuesday: Birthday Edition
Tom Hanks is America. Pure and Simple.

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The Daily Cal has a lot of good things going for it. We won a truck ton of awards (note: not sure on that actual measurement, might’ve just been a shit ton — which is slightly less) from the California College Media Association, there was a kitten in our office the other day and we have frickin’ Wild Berry Skittles in our vending machine (not just the boring regular Skittles like UCLA or Stanford probably have).

But there’s still something missing.

Five Academy Award nominations for Best Actor.

Four years spent on an island with a volleyball.

Three movies with everyone’s favorite rom-com blonde, Meg Ryan.

Two “Bosom Buddies.”

That’s right. It’s the one, the only (besides noted U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Thomas Hanks), TOM FRICKIN’ HANKS.

Tom Hanks is, without question, not only America’s best living actor (best dead actor? this guy), he is America’s best. Plain and simple. Tom Hanks can do anything. He can be James Bond. He can fight the Fonz. And, he can announce the weather. In fucking Spanish.

He’s unstoppable. And it’s high time the Daily Cal joined this Hanks party bus. Starting today, the day after Tom Hanks’ birthday (only five days after Independence Day, coincidence?), I will be writing about Mr. Hanks every Tuesday in an effort to appreciate, celebrate and meditate on all things HANKS. His movies, his TV appearances, his hair changes throughout the decades, his typewriter collection — you name it, I’ll be here to tell you more than you probably ever wanted to know. Beginning with one of my favorite morsels of Hanks goodness:

Your favorite Hanks moment, movie, hair style? Let me know in the comments section.