Car crashes into building on Fulton Street

Chris Yee/Staff

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A car traveling northbound on Fulton Street struck a parked vehicle and crashed into the side of the Cal Athletic Ticket Office at around 4:30 p.m. Friday.

The accident occurred between Bancroft Way and Kittredge Street.

The black Honda Civic was traveling down Fulton Street when it struck a parked Ford Focus from behind and careened over the sidewalk, coming to rest in the bushes at the side of the building. The vehicle sustained significant front end damage and airbags were deployed, according to Berkeley Police Department officer Scott Silas.

According to Silas, the driver was conscious and able to walk away from the scene.

“She, (the driver), may have passed out or had some medical emergency and struck the car,” Silas said.

According to city ambassadors operations supervisor Tajiri Winesberry, who was at the scene, the driver was transported to the hospital. Police would not confirm whether she was actually transported.

The Ford Focus also appeared to have been parked at a red curb in front of the ticket office, though the police department would not confirm whether this was the case either.

Both cars were towed away shortly after the accident.