Confessions of an extrovert

Michelle's mish-mosh

Je ne comprends pas!” I say, begging for mercy. “I don’t understand!” My high school French education proved useless while I was surrounded by fast-talking, slang-slinging French teenagers, and shamefully I waved the white flag of total incomprehension.
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Photo Gallery: Memorial Stadium

The retrofitting and renovation of the new California Memorial Stadium is slated to be finished for the first Cal football game at the very beginning of September. The bulk of the construction work started in December 2010 with the stadium to be game-ready in September 2012 and final completion in
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Lost opportunity

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Albany City Council rightfully approved its plan for the Gill Tract, as Occupy the Farm protesters remained uncooperative.

Twelve weeks after Occupy the Farm embarked on an arduous pursuit of local farming, the shine of the once promising movement has withered away like the leaves of a weary crop. We are in favor of the council’s decision and frustrated by the uncooperative approach of the protesters.
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Now is the season for change

HIGHER EDUCATION: With a likely 20.3 percent fee hike on the line, students must lead the effort to pass Gov. Brown’s November tax initiative.

Now is the time to take action. In an ideal world, everyone is able to go to college. As it stands, though, every time tuition rises, that window closes for some kid somewhere. The future is ours. If we neglect higher education, if we let it suffer, then we won’t stand a chance.
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