UC Board of Regents July 2012 meeting preview

Taryn Erhardt/File
Mark Yudof, President of the University of California, and Sherry Lansing, Chairman of the Board of Regents converse at the September 2011 regents meeting.

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The UC Board of Regents will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday this week for its two-day meeting at the UCSF Mission Bay campus, where it will discuss and possibly vote on a wide range of issues including the university’s 2012-13 budget and long-term budget model, professional degree programs, the future of a possible UCSF working group and the implications for systemwide tuition given the recently passed state budget and Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative on the November ballot.

Tuesday, July 17

Wednesday, July 18

  •  The Committee of the Whole will meet Wednesday with opening remarks by board chair Sherry Lansing and UC President Mark Yudof, followed by a public comment period during which UC students, faculty and any involved or concerned citizen can speak regarding university issues. Chair of the Academic Senate Daniel Simmons will also address the public, followed by an annual report of the chair of the council of UC staff assemblies.
  • The board will then have a short open session where it will discuss and is expected to approve the selection of Student Regent-Designate Cinthia Flores for the coming year.
  • The Committee on Finance will also meet Wednesday morning, where Finance Item 1 on its agenda will deal with the update and summary on the university’s 2012-13 budget and long-term budget model.
  • The Committee on Finance Item 2: Resolution to Endorse the State’s Actions Relating To The University of California’s 2012-13 Budget, No Increase in Mandatory Systemwide Student Charges in 2012-13 and the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012 on the November Ballot. This is important in relation to whether a midyear tuition increase is implemented.
    • There will be no 20.3 percent midyear increase in tuition if Brown’s tax initiative passes in November. Although several regents have individually endorsed the tax initiative, this vote will mark the board’s official endorsement.
  • The Committee on Educational Policy Item 1: Amendment of Regents Policy 3103; Policy on Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition and Regents Policy 3104; Principles Underlying the Determination of Fees for Students of Professional Degree Programs
  • The Committee on Educational Policy Item 3: Update on the Future of UCSF Working Group, San Francisco Campus. The results of this working group will have important implications for the future of the UC system. If UCSF can successfully break free from the system, it sets a precedent for other UC campuses with the idea to shift away from university funding and become more independent.
  • The final open session of the meeting is scheduled to begin at 2:10 p.m. and will be followed by a series of regents only closed sessions scheduled to begin at 2:20 p.m.

Higher education lead reporter Curan Mehra contributed to this report.
Anjuli Sastry is an assistant news editor.