Daily Cal uses ScribbleLive for live blogging

Last week we covered the UC Board of Regents meeting with a new live blogging technology called ScribbleLive. The content management system platform allows us to cover events and publish online updates from meetings and breaking events in real-time.

For the regents meeting, the news editors pulled in tweets and pictures from reporters in to one live feed. We were also able to embed a livestream of the zombie protest that took place during the public comment period of the meeting.

ScribbleLive — developed by a team of journalists and web developers based in Toronto, Canada — allows for more audience engagement via commenting and polling features which we used to get feedback  from readers about issues discussed at the meeting, like student tuition.

In the upcoming months, we plan on using ScribbleLive to launch question and answer sessions about local, state and national issues for the election. We’re excited to be working with ScribbleLive and encourage you to take a look at our live blog. Please feel free to share any thoughts on what you’d like to see as well as suggestions for improvements and contact me directly at [email protected].

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