UC Berkeley junior robbed after carrying Olympic torch

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Kylan Nieh standing on his hands during the Olympic Torch Relay.


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JULY 24, 2012

UC Berkeley junior and Olympic torchbearer Kylan Nieh lost all photos and video of him carrying the torch in England after being robbed in Rome, Italy, in July.

Following Nieh’s torch run in Andover, England, his family was robbed in a Rome train station, losing $2,000 worth of valuables.

“A few men approached my dad, speaking Italian and waving their arms,” Nieh said. “He turned around and his bag was gone.”

The stolen bag contained two cameras, an iPad, a passport, cash and all of the pictures and video from Nieh’s torch run.

“It was very devastating and stressful,” Nieh said.

Nieh said the police in Rome were extremely unhelpful and paid no attention to his cries for help as the thieves ran away and that every policeman his family dealt with was no help at all.

Although Nieh has not been able to recover any of the stolen photos or video, he said he has been in contact with people in Andover who have been sending him their photos via email.

“The community and people in Andover have been so supportive,” Nieh said.

Nieh also hopes to get some photos and video from news sources that covered the event.

Despite the incident, Nieh said he was glad no one was hurt in the robbery and enjoyed his tour of Europe and his experience carrying the torch.

“To be a part of (the torch run) was a moment I’ll never forget,” Nieh said.

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JULY 25, 2012

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