Free Music Fridays — Charlie Simpson

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Charlie Simpson seems like the type of guy who would put a bird on it. He’s very trendy-but-not-too-trendy in that way. There are three main things you need to know about Charlie Simpson.

1. He has a large gap in his teeth and some very impressive eyebrows. Check them out:

2. He was in the British pop group Busted and therefore 1/3 responsible for this:

Really, Charles, why would you walk away from that? Good job calling the whole “boybands, and another one and another one” thing though.

3. He is not the Australian Justin Bieber, that’s Cody Simpson.

Other than that, the music kind of speaks for itself. Simpson has an interesting story but an even more interesting sound. His solo career as a folksy singer-songwriter is a side project of his indie rock band, Fightstar. Simpson is like a soppier Ed Sheeran on the beach — a little sad, a little cheesy, but still pleasantly sweet. It’s grown up pop, which doesn’t make it any better than the cheeky, teeny bop music of Busted, but it does make it less embarrassing to like.  Simpson has a three-track EP called Down Down Down avaiable for free (hooray!) at